Technical specifications

Regarding the delivery of your files, please be advise to be compliant with the following specs:

  • For all your offset job, color space should be CMYK or PMS.
  • Resolution: 300DPI for greyscale or 4 color process and 1200DPI in black (bitmap).
  • Preferred file format : PDF.
  • Be sure to set up your PDF file in page by page for all your brochure (no double) + bleed.
  • If your literatures have bleed, be sure to have one with crop mark in your PDF file in order to have a perfect rendering.
  • We need a minimum of 0.125 inches.
  • Crop marks and register included (die cut in a separated outline).

Please do not hesitate to reach one of our specialist for any further informations.

For all your orders

Send us your instructions to: